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CONFERÊNCIA é a arte de promover o diálogo, fazendo a ponte entre você e a Palavra de Deus. Somos Pastores Conferencistas e Escritores, Ungidos e Capacitados pelo Espírito Santo de Deus para pregar o Evangelho por todas as nações e ganhar almas para Jesus, que nós dá esta determinação e autoridade: Portanto, ide, ensinai todas as nações, batizando-as em nome do Pai, e do Filho, e do Espírito Santo(Mt.28.19), desenvolvendo assim, como facilitadores, o seu crescimento humano e espiritual.


sábado, 28 de julho de 2012


   By passing the anniversary of Christ's ministry in my life came the question: what to do to show my gratitude to the Lord?
   Soon very soon, I started thinking about all the big names from the Bible, and what they did to please God, and as an example, I remembered the first of Abraham, a man of faith and obedience, on which the righteousness of God has impressed upon down, and in return, he erected an altar to an ending time of discord in your life.
   And what does "Altar of Witness"? By way of collaboration, is how to raise an altar as a witness of God's power on the struggles, victories and achievements.
   Well, Jacob and Laban, Moses and Joshua did the same, giving witness to God, each with a motive peculiar to him.
   In Genesis 31. 44-52, we find the "Altar of Testimony" of Jacob and Laban, ending the period of humiliation, persecution, exploitation and infidelity in their lives.
   Moses to witness the end of hunger the scarcity of bread, the altar had to witness that God sent manna from heaven (Exodus 16. 31-35).
   Already in Numbers 17:25, we see the end of the rebellion and the struggle for power, and in Deuteronomy 31.19-30 comes to a close, murmuring and idolatry, achievements that Moses attributed the victory to the great "I Am."
   One of the altars that strikes me most is the one erected by Joshua, when he witnesses the consolidation of the wilderness and all unbelief (Joshua 22.27-28, 34; 24.27).
   So, I want this present time, length of the new covenant, a time of reconciliation, redemption, manifested in the same way as men in the past, my gratitude to God, only by erecting this "Altar of Testimony" within me, address the Holy Spirit, and say that this construction will continue every day of my life, advancing toward the goal that is eternal life.
   Ergo the altar to witness and seal the gift of life, because I was rescued from death bed, after a year of pain in high dimension, where I was prostrate, no one wants to lift the trunk, but being led by the hand of Jesus to the priority area traced by God for me.
   By erecting an "Altar of Testimony," I testify that I am a miracle, and that the favor of God has reached me, so as to my house.
   Translate publicly what I feel, is an act of daring by the Spirit of God, who also wants to build his life.
   Believing in Jesus as my savior made me co-heir with him of a valuable testament, drawn up and signed in the office of the sky, and signed below, GOD, enabling me well for many other achievements.
   In the "Altar of Testimony" that lift to the Lord of my life, I celebrate the ministry He gave me, and I carry next to my beloved husband and Gilberto, whose ministry is fruitful, it also has perfect knowledge of the great love of God, making us, pastors under the cover of a double anointing.
   In deep communion with the Holy Spirit, I testify that the big victories are achieved in the wilderness through which we passed, who saw me wasting away and I see now standing, knows that God pulled me out of the jaws of death into the arms of Jesus, handing me a mission there, which was revealed step by step for me, after all, God delivers his people that he offers in the wilderness, the sacrifices that will grant free passage to a new time, full health and happiness.
   I'm here writing, which often declared from the pulpit to teach that God has made me more than winning in Christ Jesus, and that can also make you win.
   I walked a long road, which became a great successful experience, which I read in a poetic way, I learned through faith, patience and discipline, that life is an order, and decide what choices destination, but only God changes the spiritual charge of the man in their favor.
   In the "Altar of Testimony," I entrust to God that I serve all that I am, because the verb is no longer, I have, but "I Am."
   I was a woman of the desert, today I am a woman of God, wife, daughter, mother and grandmother, and all complete me to live what I am most importantly, minister of the Word of God.
   I am, life in abundance, and also invite you to live this construction in Christ Jesus.

By Pastora Maria de Fátima Botto Nascimento

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