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quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2012

Turning Strength in Solitude (Part 1)

Turning Strength in Solitude
(Part 1)

Pastor Gilberto Nascimento

   Hello, I salute you all with peace and redemption that comes from the Lord Jesus.
   From now on you will follow the series on the following theme: "turning loneliness into strength," and will discover the Light of the Word of God as to lie down in peace and sleep secure in the company of God, that will sustain and grant his grace.
   Well, the universe of communication reached peak speed never seen before, and the whole world started to communicate instantly, the information gained weight and became a powerful weapon.
   However, the same as technology has advanced human relations weakened, because man was created to live, which unfortunately came to the company to be labeled "Lonely Society", Internet Society, the jungle of rocks, the highest degree of stress, and lots of divorces crowding the courts of the world.
   All this has produced the syndrome in people's isolation, and as a result bringing a sad loneliness.
   It is a paradox, is not my baby, information that came to join, has separated many people. Is not it?

   Pastora Maria de Fatima Botto Nascimento
   True love, the nest has been empty ever more.
   And what to do when the loneliness enters your home, is visiting in his room, uncomfortable in your room, use the cabinets as a waiver of antidepressant drugs, the bathroom to vomit all the trouble it causes, and still crying in the shower the black hole's immense pain it causes in your life?
   The research and doctoral theses and portray the picture of loneliness. In the south and southeast, up ads are running desperate for help, and say something like: "I need help to live with someone of flesh and blood."
   In England, a foundation titled one of his research as the society alone, after consultation with 2,256 people from different age groups, revealing that 60% of respondents between 18 and 34 years often feel lonely.
   Among the layer of those over 55 years, the percentage dropped to 35% and this study points toward what Pastor Gilberto said here about this whole bit of the contemporary world, causing deep wounds in the soul of him who was begotten in the womb God as a social being, healed, among other qualities such relevance.
  But given a specific call me a lot of attention in the report English, which suggests that women feel more alone than men, which in turn swell the ranks of depression as a result of loneliness.
   Note that there is a given you here in Brazil, including Sergipe, hitting record, is on the gradual increase in the number of divorces from 1984 to 2008, were 188 000, covering the range of 40 years and this directly implies the increase in the number of loneliness among Brazilians.
   Loneliness, so it is also our problem, as priests we treat it from the perspective spiritual, so we are bringing up this vital issue, especially since we know that is the root of many problems such as depression and drugs.
   Over here you have other things to address is not my baby??

Pastor Gilberto Nascimento
   It's my love. The subject is very delicate and has several nuances.
   You hit when he says we need to address this issue, because loneliness can reach extremes and be a target of no return, causing the suicide of many loners.
   But I want to tell you that suffers from this evil, suffering from loneliness, the Spirit of God wants to dwell with you, he wants your company because you are very important to him.
   If you are among those who live alone, know that we Redemptorist a living Christ we are in constant prayer for Jesus to chill your soul.
   Look, the IBGE in its latest national survey of sample households in 2008, says that 11.6% of Brazilians do not share the roof with another person. 10 years ago the rate was 8.4%. Most Brazilians are lonely among the elderly: 40% are over 60 years.
   Another situation giving rise to this whole social withdrawal is the financial situation of those involved, which is usually bad, a snowball dangerous, thus making a series of troubled loners who become alcoholics smoke and are exaggeratedly mental disorders of various natures.
   He is alone by choice is one thing, and loneliness is another syndrome, affecting the whole health, reducing the elan of life, lowering the body's defenses, even changing the learning of lonely and eventually reaches a region of the brain called the striatum ventral, which works much better in sociable people.
   More does not stop there, the lonely can develop Alzheimer's disease - degenerative brain disease, endangering the whole health.
   We are here, follow our series on loneliness and take advantage of this reflection.
   It is not my Pastor??

Pastora Maria de Fatima Botto Nascimento
   It is my right, we're giving birth to this series that offers ease the pain of loneliness and turn it into strength.
   Surely we will experience the ultimate therapy, treatment of God in a special way.

By Pastors Conference

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